The Pool Cover Pump – Your Solid Pool Cover’s Best Friend


If you have used a solid pool cover before you know that one of its biggest drawbacks is the pond that can collect from rain and melted snow and ice. Add in fallen leaves, seeds and twigs and blown in dirt and pollution and you have one rotten stinky mess that is both unsightly and unsafe. But there is a simple device that can eliminate the mess, the smell and the hazard: a pool cover pump. What exactly is a pool cover pump and how does it work? Let’s explore that a bit.

What is a pool cover pump?

A pool cover pump is a submersible pump, or sump pump, that sits on top of your winter cover. It usually has a high-impact, UV and cold resistant, non-metallic housing with an adapter for a garden hose connection. It comes in both manual and automatic models. The automatic ones generally have a broad base or stand that you can attach that helps the pump stay upright on your cover. It will usually have a long electrical cord, from 18 to 25 feet.

How does it work?

It’s simple. All you have to do is attach a garden hose to your pump, set it on top of your pool cover and turn it on. The pump will suck up the standing water and deliver it to wherever the end of your garden hose is. When the cover is dry, just turn off the pump.

An automatic pump is even simpler. You place it on your pool cover with the hose attached and just leave it. When water accumulates on the cover, the pump will turn itself on, remove the water and turn itself off.

Whether you are using a manual or an automatic pump, you need to be sure to remove any solid debris like leaves and twigs so the pump does not get clogged.

If you make using a Cover Pump part of your winter maintenance routine your pool will look more attractive all winter long. Plus you’ll get these additional benefits:

  • It eliminates a potential drowning hazard for pets, children and small animals
  • It prevents the rotting of leaves and debris that create a bad odor and a breeding ground for disease carrying insects
  • It prevents the cover from pulling out from under its weights and sinking into the pool
  • It helps your cover last longer

Here’s another nice bonus: you can use your pool cover pump when you need to lower the water level in your pool or drain it completely and you can use it to pump out a wet basement or a boat.

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