Free from harm Sex IQ – The Do’s and Don’ts regarding Condom Use and Care


When it comes to secure sex, many men trust these people can just “roll it on and go, very well but the simple fact regarding the make a difference is, generally there is more for you to risk-free and appropriate condom usage than just sliding one particular on. In fact, inappropriate condom use can really enhance the risk of undesirable pregnancy in addition to transmission connected with sexually transmitted diseases. เจลหล่อลื่น Look at out these simple and easy do’s and don’ts with regard to using and storing condoms to ensure maximum usefulness and protection. After just about all, a new man can never be extremely careful about sustaining a healthy penis!

Condom Do’s & Don’ts

Do open the condom thoroughly using the easy-tear corners (the zig-zag side).
Avoid using scissors or peImage result for เจลหล่อลื่นarly whites for you to rip open the offer, as this could tear typically the condom.

Do retailer condoms in a new temperature-controlled, dried out place.
Don’t leave condoms in the baseball glove box or even toilet exactly where extreme temperatures and dampness can damage the acrylic.

Don’t carry condoms around in a pocket because the tension and bending on the condom could damage it.
Do check out typically the expiration date ahead of employ and discard any which have been expired.

Don’t ever reuse condoms – also if they look as even though no bodily water is usually in them. Once the sexual activity is around, discard the particular used condom in the garbage may.
Do change condoms in the event that switching between various kinds of sexual activity (i. electronic. coming from vaginal to rectal sex) to prevent infection and even the get spread around of Elizabeth. coli.

Do use condoms during oral sex, because selected infections can be handed down from the penis to help the lips and corruption versa.
Don’t use condoms that do not fit properly. Condoms that are usually too loose or very tight can rip or perhaps slip off in the partner. If the size is usually improper, purchase a distinct brand and even size.

May attempt to placed a new condom on a flaccid penis, as it is likely to fall off as well as fit improperly.
Carry out make certain there are no loose or loose spots within the condom, smooth out just about any air bubbles to guarantee a proper fit in.

May apply an oil- as well as petroleum-based lubricant to the acrylic condom, as it can certainly compromise the material.
Carry out select a good water or silicon-based lubrication, which is definitely safe to use having acrylic condoms.

Do remove condom right away after making love plus discard.
Don’t permit the penis to turn out to be flaccid just before drawback from one’s partner, because the condom may accidentally decline inside.

Do use a condom during each and any sexual encounter.
Don’t neglect the condom, ever, for every reason, except in a new dedicated, monogamous relationship.

Some other risk-free sex tips:

Check out which will way the condom unrolls before making an attempt to help place that on often the penis. Attempting to unroll it incorrectly can bring about a new rip to type, in which case the condom needs to be discarded. If your condom is usually placed on the shaft inside out at primary, it should also be thrown away as “pre-cum” could have become on that component of this condom. Simply transforming often the condom around could boost the chance of having a baby.
A smaller drop of lubricant located inside the condom tip makes it easier to help apply over a uncircumcised penis and reduce the chance of tearing. Only work with a small amount, so that the city still has bedroom to catch ejaculate, plus only use the suitable sort of lube based on the type of condom.
When putting the condom on, pinch the word of advice in the condom shut to eliminate air pocket prior to carefully moving it straight down over the set up penis.
If one or the two partners has a acrylic allergy symptom, try polyurethane condoms as a substitute.
One can typically get condoms 100 % free of charge at local wellness clinics, so this cost of getting condoms should never ever certainly be a issue for not using these people.
To keep proper hygiene and even prevent bacterial infections, it is usually always a good concept to go in typically the shower after love-making. The combination of body essential fluids and lubricant can in addition trigger itching, annoyance and odor. After getting away of the shower area, employ a penis overall health ointment (health professionals recommend Guy 1 Man Oil) that contain vitamin A to keep microorganisms at bay and retain this penile fresh and clean.

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