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A photo studio near me even had images of their facilities. Seeing their set-up allowed me to figure out how to arrange my equipment at home. Commercial photography and video studio rental located in Seattle, Washington offering scalable production support including craft services, equipment rentals, crew and prop fulfillment.

When it comes to how to build a photography studio, you want to ensure your equipment meets your needs. Do not spend a lot of money on a light that you’ll never use. Extensions and power strips –If you use studio lights other than portable lights, think Arch Photo Studio about getting extension cords and power strips. You’ll need space to plug in your lighting equipment. It’s easier to control artificial light in large photography studios. In very small places with a low ceiling, stray light can be more of a problem.

Break Room, Makeup And Costume Area And Meeting Room In Studio 14’s

Our studio uses many flash lights and/or continuous lighting in different ways. With these two lighting techniques we can use the specific advantages of the light sources to achieve the best possible effects. For example, the flash equipment captures objects in sharp focus and even freeze movements without any problem. Continuous lighting is ideal for obtaining a constant illumination of the object during the entire shooting process and results in a natural appearance.

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