Context-Free Living… Living Without Boundaries!


I know by now of which you’ve heard the terms Debt-Free Dwelling, Disease-Free Living, or an overabundance of other such coined terms for numerous marketing ploys to market products and solutions. However, I’m not really here to sell an individual anything, as just what I’m offering, a person already have! An individual just don’t know this yet!


A new context is really a circumstances, point of guide, or a situation by which a new particular view is aligned and a distinctive meaning has been derived from. Our personal contexts are usually those rules, idea systems, and cognitive maps that we have developed over existence that provide all of us using a basis regarding making decisions, moving judgment, applying bias, filtering incoming details, and learning brand new ideas.

Immediately, that becomes apparent that will living a context-free life is not possible. Whenever we even attempted to achieve this, we all would become mental vegetables! Information plus sensory information would simply flow in and flop on the floors of our own minds.

But, dwelling with an excessively complex contextual level of reference can have a comparable affect. In such a case, info and sensory info are processed to be able to the point of non-existence and all of us neither move forwards or backward in our lives and learning. Instead, almost all data is mashed and sliced to suit neatly within typically the knowledge we previously have only to guarantee a safety context.

With complex contexts, regardless of just how absurd or inaccurate our context will be, the mind will devise any approval even if it uses a basis of other ludicrous or inaccurate information. It is the method to ensure of which our comfort areas go unaffected.

Your own Contextual Referrals

We all all have some point of research that we use to analyze and store information that comes in through our physical senses in addition to psi channels. These contexts come coming from parental voices, authority figures, experiences, injury, and success. Since we undertake existence, the context is usually altered to simply accept new information in addition to understand how it is to end up being processed and maintained.

However, many householder’s complex contextual recommendations block and isolate the internal mind to the stage of stifling and smothering typically the mental processes. The particular mind may then only reprocess the same info it has succeeded in doing so in the previous. In the finish, you derive typically the same answers to the same issues and end up back at the point you started.

Simplifying Your Framework

On the extreme, over time, guidelines beget rules right up until, eventually, we have a complex information filtration system that will kicks out something that remote is similar to some idea or information not totally in-line with this methods of belief. The particular human mind tends to develop such complexity to answer queries that it is unsure. Celebrate the web of cross-connected information to prove that our lives in addition to beliefs are justified.

This kind of thought process leads to the stifling existence, little creativity, and a new biased view regarding life as the whole. In typically the end, we end up with self-composed theories about exactly how things are and may be and are unwilling to acknowledge anything else. Ultimately we can become embittered, angry, discouraged, envious, and prejudiced.

The most efficient, yet hard, method to manage these kinds of a situation will be to simplify in addition to eliminate those rules and beliefs which have no basis in your own life. Why do an individual hate? Why carry out you feel a specific way about folks or situations? That’s a difficult way to be able to approach the remedy since you will usually develop a solution dependent on our preconceived notions and complicated rules of believed. Such preconceived ideas of people in addition to situations are basically ideas to safeguard our imbalanced mode of thought. This is where we need in order to start!

By identifying the notions of which create the feelings, it is much simpler to analyze. Reduce these rules right down to the bare minimum and identify typically the foundation where these types of rules are centered. You might locate that, as an individual meander throughout your personal thought processes, that many of your own ideas might end up being based on parent voices or myths. Replace the parental voices with your own own commands and expectations. Analyze and research your misguided beliefs to identify the realities behind typically the knowledge. Could it be reasonable to think this way or should a person modify your belief systems to accommodate a new, practical foundation?

Feedback and Processing

Once wish able to open up our minds in order to innovative ways of believed and minimize our preconceived notions, we are then available to numerous new ideas in addition to information that we all never thought achievable. Not only will we all have the ability to accept and process new details, but we will certainly be able to grow.

In fact, our brain is basically a processing portal for information. Set together, we are all nevertheless a massive dispersed processing system. I remember that SETI experienced this distributed digesting model for managing and processing large numbers of data. This allowed computer users around the planet to download their software, which prepared the plethora associated with data off their deep-space listening posts. Typically the data was downloaded to the users’ machines, processed, and sent back to typically the central site with regard to consolidation and research.

The human mind takes in information through our feelings and processes it using the rules plus cognitive maps we’ve created over the particular years. It then pushes the effects back up into the Grid, the World, for storage and access — the long-term, collective storage. Free Notion Competitor is not an separated device and are not able to live as such. It takes input plus information exchange — sensory and pound-force per square inch input is vital for healthy mental and physical processing.

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