7 Extremely Effective Tips and Tricks For Healthy Hair


I’m sure all of you do dream of having luscious and shiny hair. Well, it’s not that hard anymore. You might be recommended with several remedies which might be confusing at times and you don’t really know what to do and whom to listen. You may also fall to the wrong advice and damage your hair even further. So, here we are to help you with some tips which will do wonders to your hair.

  1. Iron-rich Food:

Include iron-rich diet as much as you can in your meals. Some examples of iron-rich food items are fish, pumpkin seeds, leafy vegetables, chickpeas, beans, cereals and soybeans in your diet. According to the doctors, an individual must consume 12 mg of iron approximately every day. Iron reduces hair fall and nourishes it as well. Even protein is essential as it strengthens your hair. You can also include proteins as they have a high amount of amino acids. Some examples of proteins are cheese, soy, milk, lentils, yoghurt and quinoa.


  1. Proper Maintenance:

Your hair needs adequate maintenance to grow healthy. Thus, we have some hair maintenance tips which can help anyone have strong and healthy hair.

  • Comb wet hair very carefully as they are fragile and easy to break. Hence, take a brush which has broad tooth so that you can avoid breakage and run the comb evenly across your hairs as gently as you can.
  • Trim your hair in every few weeks to do away with your brown and rough split ends
  • Do not get into the habit of washing your hair every day but when you do, apply some conditioner to the tips or the ends of your hair. To get the best results to use the same brand both for your shampoo and your conditioner. You can avail yourself Cosmetic Capital coupon codes to avail the products at a discounted rate.
  • The conditioners should be rinsed with cold hair.
  • If you have dry hair make sure you use sulphate free shampoo as it strips your scalp and hair of essential oils and causes irritation to the scalp.
  • Avoid colouring your hair if you’ve dry hair as it does not do anything good to your scalp.


  1. Keep your hair away from the heat:

If you are preparing to go out and want those perfect summer waves or the beautiful curls use options other than the hair appliances such as straighteners or curlers. Heat damages your hair, makes them fragile and finally causes breakage.


  1. Deep Conditioning:

You might condition often, but that’s not enough. Condition your hair thoroughly once in a while. All you need to do is once apply a generous amount of conditioner once you’re done with shampooing your hair. Comb your hair thoroughly to make sure that the conditioner has reached every point of your hair. After, that’s done pull your hair up and clip it all together. Now, leave your hair conditioned for about 10 minutes to 1 hour. Finally, pull your hair down rinse it, let it dry, and you get soft and smooth hair.


  1. Oil Regularly:

A conditioner does wonders to your hair, but oil certainly gives it the much-needed minerals such as vitamins, essential fatty acids and so on. These help in strengthening the roots and well as providing strength to your hair. The most recommended oil by experts for your hair is coconut oil as it protects your hair from dandruff and sun damage. Also, it removes the build-up of sebum in your hair follicles and accelerated its growth.


  1. Home-made Hair Masks:

Homemade hair masks are cheap and effective. Some might be smelly while others might be delicious, but they’re always available in your pantry. Hair masks restore nutrients back to your hair and add to its quality as well.


  • Mustard oil, curd and egg: If you’ve dry, hay-like hair, well, then this is the solution to all your hair problems. Eggs are rich in proteins, vitamins A, B12, D, fatty acids.


  • Peppermint and avocado: Avocados are rich, creamy, full of minerals and vitamins. Mash some avocado and add a few drops of peppermint oil. Apply the mask and leave your hair for some time. Leave your hair for 15-20 minutes and rinse it off.
  1. Do not Use Excessive Products:

You should avoid using too many hair products as they may react and do worse than good. There are some products which are necessary such as shampoo, conditioner and serum but do not use ten different all at once expecting something good for your hair.

These were the seven most effective tips which can do absolute wonders to your hair and bring the best out of it.


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